In this guest post, Margo shares her thoughts on the power of sponsorship and the opportunities CHIC provides students. Margo is a member of DeerGrove Covenant Church in Palatine, Illinois and a student attendee of CHIC 2009.

We need world changers. We need multiple generations of young people with bright dreams and a steady determination, men and women who will be moved by the miracles Christ is able to perform in their lives. CHIC(Covenant High in Christ) is a convention for senior high students where as a denomination we are able to give thoughtful tools, loving people and unforgettable experiences that will lead these students closer to God.

Throughout five days in July students will have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and bigger than their youth group or church conference. Surrounded by other teens from throughout the country, CHIC provides students with the ability to learn about social injustices in a small setting, hear music from talented Christian artists, and be touched by speakers who strive to relate specially to youth.

For some this time will be one of forgiveness and healing, others will be struck by the importance of serving our world, and if history repeats itself, for many students this will be a period of time where they will choose the way of the cross over the way of the crowd.  Hearts are stirred, goals are set and God shows us once again that He has the ability to surpass all expectations. The stories of these teens are important to God, and therefore each of their stories are important to us.

As the Evangelical Covenant Church we want to show that we support these young men and women in their faith journeys. One of the most difficult parts of getting students to CHIC is the cost. Many students would love to spend five days in Knoxville but are unable to pay for the experience. Please consider joining the ECC to help sponsor these senior high students and give them  not only a memorable week in their summer, but a shaping experience in their walk of faith.

If you would like to show your support to CHIC attendees, please consider donating to the CHIC Legacy Fund. The CHIC Legacy Fund was created in 2009 as a way to guarantee that the next generation of Covenanters will be able to write their piece of the history of CHIC.

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