“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Remember that one? It’s not only true about marketing a product, it is equally true about your experience at CHIC 2012. The very first event you encounter will definitely rock your world! It’s the “Welcome Party.” Both words are true. It is a place for you to be welcomed to CHIC 2012. You matter. You are important to CHIC 2012. You are welcome at CHIC! The second word is “party” (got that one right!). It is probably the most massive party experience you have seen in ages.

The main issue you will face will be to simply figure out which of the several incredible options to be encticed by. Volleyball? We’ve got you covered with a nice, sand volleyball court. Live music? Yep. Food? Another yep. Pizza, Italian ice, etc. – all free, wating  for you. Tatoos? Well, not a permanent one, but a great air-brushed image is yours. You may love to do beadwork. Done. Huge, overgrown patio games? Another yep. Shoot hoops, toss a Frisbee, or something active after a long bus or plane ride? Yep, got that too. Dunk tank? Lovin’ it. Meet new friends from around the country and around the globe. Get a great freebie water bottle to carry with you for the week. Video games? Got that too. How about a place to pray with someone? Got that too. Get your picture taken with your group at a special spot created for just that purpose. All that, much more, plus a place to sign up for excursions, tournaments, and get all the info you need to make your week at CHIC 2012 the most awesome week of your life.

By the time you are done at the welcome party, you will be ramped and ready to launch into the week with friends. You’ll be looking forward to a week packed with more surprises, more memories, and more God-moments than you can imagine.

The Welcome Party. Remember it. Get there.

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