The pursuit of justice is a long, hard, and wearisome sojourn, but it’s one that Scripture undoubtedly calls us all to. This summer at CHIC the Long Road to Justice Team (LR2J) will be leading us all into a deeper exploration of the injustices that occur around us daily. We will be highlighting the issues that surround global education with the hopes to give us the “eyes to see” and the “ears to hear” that Scripture speaks of. Ultimately, we’ll be doing this to cultivate deeper knowledge concerning how we can appropriately practice social responsibility of the issues that surround us.

Many of us fall into the fallacious notion that these issues of injustice are relegated to certain regions and communities throughout our country and the world. This simply is not true. Regardless of what community you live in – be it domestic or international – there are social ills present where you live. The LR2J team will help shed light on this reality through our offerings at CHIC this summer. We will speak to the justice issues inherent in global education, raise the question of what it means to love our neighbor, and challenge students to wrestle with preconceived notions of people and the world around them. During CHIC you will have the opportunity to discover and talk through ways in which you, your youth group, and we as the Church, can start more intentionally walking this long road to justice. You will have the chance to work through what it means to tangibly illustrate your love for both God & your neighbor.

But before we get to CHIC, we want to hear from you! We want to know in what ways you are already involved in your communities! We know that God is already at work all over the world. We do not bring God to places, we simply partner with God’s movement and work around the world. So here’s how you can tell us how you are partnering with God and walking this long road to justice:

Create a video (3 minutes maximum), write an essay (1000 words maximum) or create an art piece that explains to us the following things:

  • What was the need that God showed you?
  • What is your passion for this particular area?
  • What were some challenges that you faced?
  • Why was it worth it for you to walk this road?
  • What have been some fruits produced by your faithfulness to God’s call in this area?

Your submission can highlight a club you started at school, how your youth group is involved in your community, or how you and your family are involved. During the week of CHIC you will have the chance to see what students all around the country and even the world are doing. We will be highlighting your submissions in various ways, so start your project submission today!


  • Videos: Please submit a link in the comment box below.
  • Essays: Leave a comment with the title and brief summary of your essay. The full essay can be emailed to chic2012(at)
  • Artwork:  Take a picture of your piece and email it to If you would like to share the actual piece, you can mail it to our office: CHIC Office, 8303 W Higgins Road, Chicago, IL 60631
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