Hello Friends of CHIC! It’s that time – time to announce the TOP 3 FINALISTS of our Leap Forward Competition! Before we make our announcement, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our contest. It’s incredible to see how youth all across America are serving as catalysts of change for Christ. The impact you are making in your communities, country, and world is truly inspiring. This was not an easy decision!

After much deliberation, we believe the ideas presented by these 3 churches best capture the essence of CHIC:
1. Evangelical Covenant Church
2. Bethany Covenant Church
3. Hinsdale Covenant Church

It’s not over yet! We still need your help to determine the winner of the $500 prize! Starting today (Wednesday), you will have the chance to vote for the finalist you think best captures the essence of CHIC. The submission with the greatest number of points by Monday, March 19th wins the $500 prize.


  • Like” your favorite finalist (1 point): Each morning, we will post the finalists on CHIC’s Facebook Fan Page.  Vote for your favorite by “liking” the submission you think should win the competition. You will have the chance to “like” each post once for a total of 6 times until the 19th.  Each “like” a submission receives counts for 1 point towards that finalist.
  • “Share” your favorite finalist (3 points): Along with “liking” your favorite finalist, “share” their post to earn them 3 points. To share the post, simply go to CHIC’s Facebook Fan Page and click “share” right next to the comment button.

The finalist with the greatest number of points by midnight, March 19th wins the $500 prize to make their idea into a reality!

Who will you vite for?!

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