CHIC 2012 is just around the corner! We want to take this time to share with you some of our non competitive options for the afternoons.

  • Olympic Sized Pool: The University of Tennessee provides great spaces for recreation including an indoor Olympic size pool. This can be use throughout the day – great for cooling down & relaxing during the hot Tennessee summer!
  • Video Game Pit: We’re working on this fun area for those of us that enjoy that kind of  a challenge and entertainment. Be sure to bring your controllers to play the newest, coolest games available! We’ll have them ready for you to enjoy individually or together as a team.
  • Skateboarding: Although skating is not allowed on campus, we do have an off campus skate park not far away.  Be sure to check it out here. You’ll need to bring your own board and helmets are required.

One of the greatest goals for CHIC is to be inclusive and intentional.  When it comes to personality, cultural and racial background, we want each one of you to feel included.

Know that we are thinking of you!

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