Good News, Friends! The CHIC offices received an email from UT’s onsite food service director, Carol. She told us: “For the past 3 years, we [UT] have made a special effort to have gluten free items available at all meals. One of the chefs has a wife and two sons who are gluten sensitive and he has been very progressive campus-wide in the design of the menus.”

“At each meal location, there will be choices on the line and in the back, there will be specific gluten free options.  What we suggest is at the first meal in the café, you speak to our conference staff at the door who will introduce you to the café management.  They can tell you every ingredient in the foods and also get the gluten free option if it is in the back.  At lunch, line #1 has the gluten free items but you must ask for them.”

So, if you have any remaining questions when you get to campus, ask a conference staff member to get in touch with Carol and she will assist.

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