Students at CHIC have an impressive legacy of sacrificial and generous giving to the offering project. This year the Covenant Kids offering will directly affect the lives of children in impoverished neighborhoods of Colombia, DR Congo, India, and South Sudan.

Covenant Kids offers scholarships to ministries who are faithfully doing the everyday work of justice. Through formal and non-formal education teachers and volunteer workers reach out to child laborers, children of commercial sex workers, internally displaced families, families living in the dumps, and thousands more.

During the event, students will be invited to:
Hear – Students will hear stories from representatives of each of the four countries during the Focus Group session on the “Respond Day.”
Experience – Walk through the Covenant Kids photo installation outside of the CHIC Store to see what life is like for children in these countries
Give – Gifts given this week will change lives in these countries. Give online (below) or during worship Thursday night!

Give Now

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