I’m Dominique Gilliard and I’ll being serving as the “Long Road to Justice” (LR2J) coordinator for CHIC 2012. As a team, we hope that these experiences will foster new attentiveness and knowledge concerning both the injustices that are so pervasive within the world and God’s movement toward correcting these social fractures. We are prayerful that these new insights will enliven the Word of God for students and cause them to respond to these injustices in light of Scripture – acting with compassion, mercy, and justice (CMJ) regarding the societal ills that will be addressed throughout CHIC. The LR2J team is seeking to encourage students by helping them envision themselves individually, as well as the body of Christ corporately, as essential components of societal revitalization. As a planning team, our mission has been to assist in opening the eyes of youth to the necessity for justice and its connectivity to their broader understanding of Christianity and ultimately their own spirituality. From this we hope to catalyze youth into becoming actively involved in issues of CMJ within their own context.

During CHIC we hope to assist in cultivating eyes to see and ears to hear within students concerning God’s movement and work in the world concerning justice. Additionally, we anticipate fostering a heightened sensitivity within students concerning their awareness of how the Spirit might be prompting them to become involved in partnering in God’s work around these issues within their midst.

In addition to being thrilled about helping students deepen their understanding of what it means to become ambassadors of Christ in the world today, I’m ecstatic that we’ll have the opportunity to be led deeper into the heart of God through joining together in corporate worship by led by Lecrae! Lecrae is one of my favorite artists, he’s a seminary trained Christian hip-hop artist. His lyrics encompass a spiritual punch and a theological breadth that is a rarity within contemporary Christian music. This anointed man of God preaches a contextualized Gospel that exceedingly relevant for a generation infatuated with hip-hop culture, all the while, ensure that none of the substance of the Gospel gets lost in translation! Check out my favorite five tracks from Lecrae on your way to CHIC so you and your group can fully participate in the worship that he’ll lead us in this week.

Here’s my top 5 playlist from Lecrae:
1. After The Music Stops
2. Identity
3. Boasting
4. Don’t waste your life
5. Background

This post was written by Dominique Gilliard, of DeerGrove Covenant Church, in Palatine, Illinois.

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