This morning everyone attended focus groups. We will be attending groups throughout the week with different themes. For my group this morning the theme was Respond. How do we respond to what we learn at CHIC this week? How do we respond to God’s work in the world? How do we respond to injustices in the world? There were several focus groups offered with topics such as evangelism, faith in the locker room, global poverty, mission work, human trafficking, and also a couple of service-oriented options such as rolling bandages for the Congo. Students were invited to respond to what they learned in their focus groups by finishing the statement, “God, I will-.” Here are some student responses:


• Bring the gospel to my community by starting up an “ask me about Jesus” email address
• Pray for the bandages and their recipients in the Congo
• Play sports for God and through God, not for the fame, fortune, or fans
• Work for the empowerment of girls and women
• Help to create self-sustaining communities through giving to Covenant World Relief
• Spread awareness of injustices in our own community and work for change

For more student responses, check out the CHIC 2012 Facebook page, where leaders will be uploading pictures of their students holding up their written responses.

This story was originally posted on the Youth Worker Update, a blog of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

This post was written by Carol Wild, of DeerGrove Covenant Church, in Palatine, Illinois.

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