CHIC 2012 is in full swing, today being the first full day of events and activities. Last night was an amazing time at Main Stage (where we go each night for incredible worship, inspirational speakers, and a lot of fun!) We learned some new worship songs with the CHIC band, and last night’s speaker Harvey Carey talked to us about finding God. Some of the youth, counselors, and staff here may have had a relationship with God for a very long time. Some here have no idea who God is or what a relationship with him looks like. Some of us may know God but are wondering where he in this season of life, or perhaps we’ve wandered off ourselves. Wherever we are in our spiritual journey, Carey reminded us that each of us are here for a reason.

There are thousands of youth here this week. Last night walking into Main Stage for the first time was pretty amazing — to see so many people in one place, all of us here to worship God. Carey pointed out that thousands of people also go to the same arena to yell and scream about basketball games, people jumping up and down and hugging complete strangers over a game. But how amazing is it that for this week all of the thousands of people who gather in that arena are gathering in Jesus’ name? We were reminded that wherever two or more gather in God’s name, he is there with us. God was definitely there with us last night.

This story was originally posted on the Youth Worker Update, a blog of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

This post was written by Carol Wild, of DeerGrove Covenant Church, in Palatine, Illinois.

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