Each afternoon at CHIC students can participate in excursions, events at The Hub, and a few extra options on campus. Here are Tuesday’s extra Afternoon Options!

1. The North Park University Seminar is happening UP in the Lounge (at The HUB) at 3pm today.
2. The movie Journey to Jamaa, “Covenant Kids Congo” is happening at the University Center Auditorium at 3pm. This is a compelling movie you do not want to miss!
3. The cultural experience called “Engage” is happening Tuesday from 2pm-5pm in the University Center, rooms 222-225.
4. Climbing wall in HPER Building from noon to 6pm. Climbing shoes available! br />

Also, please be aware of the following:
1. The Skate Park Shuttle meets on the curb outside the hub. You need a helmet to participate!
2. The “Downunder” is the place to be to get your game on! Video games, bowling, pool – everything the “Downunder” should have! University Center!
3. After mainstage tonight look for the Pizza for sale on the ramps leading out – $10 for your favorite Za!

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