Thunderous bass. Hypnotic lights. Some serious excitement in the air. These elements set the tone for rapper Lecrae’s opening concert at the second night of Main Stage last night. With infectious beats and no-nonsense lyrics, he delivered a powerful slab of hip-hop glorifying Jesus as the source, and needless to say, the entire arena had a blast.

After Lecrae’s set, another appearance by Bruce the Robot, and some rousing worship led by the CHIC band, Efrem Smith took stage to frame the main focus of the evening. Continuing with the “Five” theme (five big questions), the second question was introduced “Who do you say that I am?”

Bianca Juarez, a gifted speaker and advocate against human trafficking, dove right into the topic with passion. “When Jesus asks a question, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the answer. It means he’s about to teach a lesson.” With personal stories about growing up in poverty and later transitioning into work rescuing sex slaves abroad, Bianca demonstrated how Jesus is a “God of the impossible.” But do we truly say he is? She closed by leaving students with a strong charge: “How you answer the question will determine who you are, what you believe, and how you live.”

As the CHIC band delivered some closing numbers, it was evident in that space that God was touching the hearts and minds of thousands in profound ways. Students lifted their hands into the air in sheer adoration, clearly exalting the name of God without regard for their image or surroundings. It was incredibly powerful to witness. Students then left for their small groups to tackle the theme question head on: Who do you say that I am? Based on the feedback we received from their counselors later, there’s no question that God is doing amazing things this week in the lives of many.

This post was written by Mike Mirza who is funemployed in Chicago, Illinois. Hire him!

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