About six months ago Craig Lueck, two-time CHIC creative mastermind, called Minnesota for his brother and instead his sister-in-law, Linda, answered the call. They got to chatting and creative thoughts collided – through the past months their initial thoughts of making banners for each church group evolved into a humanitarian endeavor dubbed “Project Warmth”.

I got the opportunity to catch Linda who has spent her week under the tent at the Hub, nimbly piecing together 12-inch squares that students have decorated – some with Bible verses, others with drawings or phrases; each unique as the individual who crafted it.

As the project evolved leading up to CHIC, so did the logistics. On Sunday, the first day of CHIC, a single sewing machine was delivered for the completion of these blankets – hopes of making 50 for the homeless that are served at KARM (Knox Area Rescue Mission) were dashed. Later they did receive 3 more sewing machines, but reality had sunk in that it takes at least an hour to make a single blanket, once the paint had dried.

Friday morning, we hope to deliver 30 completed blankets to KARM, the organization we have partnered with throughout the week by:
• providing KARM kits (which include: 1-day bus passes, socks, underwear, shampoo/conditioner, soap, deodorant, lotion and a Bible with a personal note inside),
• serving hot meals,
• leading worship services, as well as
• completing service projects around their center of operations in an effort called “Make KARM Shine”.

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