Each afternoon at CHIC students can participate in excursions, events at The Hub, and a few extra options on campus. Here are Wednesday’s extra Afternoon Options!

1. Remember, The Hub is open from 12:30-7pm!
2. The movie Journey to Jamaa, “Covenant Kids Congo” is happening at the University Center Auditorium at 3pm. This is a compelling movie you do not want to miss!
3. The cultural experience called “Engage” is happening Tuesday from 2pm-5pm in the University Center, rooms 222-225.
4. The North Park University Seminar is happening UP in the Lounge (HUB) at 3pm today.

5. If you’ve been intrigued by the Fracture basecamp & Cov Kids initiative & want to go deeper, join us at the University Center Auditorium today at 4pm. We’ll be watching Waiting For Superman & the documentary Stolen Childhoods. Lets collectively learn how to combat educational injustice!
6. CHIC-a-palooza 5-7pm in The Hub: food, inflatables, pool, creative options, Propaganda, DJ Promote AND DJ Freddy
The Skate Park Shuttle meets on the curb outside the hub. You need a helmet to participate!
7. The “Downunder” is the place to be to get your game on! Video games, bowling, pool – everything the “Downunder” should have! University Center!
8. After mainstage tonight look for the pizza for sale on the ramps leading out – $10 for your favorite ZA!

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