Wednesday night’s CHIC communion service was a powerful experience. Throughout the week Efrem Smith has been reminding students that we are all part of one large youth group this week — this partaking of communion together served as a symbol of being part of the larger body of Christ, the global church.

The question of the night was “Do you want to be made well?” Rev. Judy Peterson, North Park University’s campus pastor, challenged students to get up and move away from the things that are making them unwell, to surrender them to Christ and start living a “well-er” life.

Moving into a time of worship and communion following this challenge, the crowd joined in the song White Flag, a Passion worship song that has become the anthem of the week. Students gathered with their youth groups to talk about what it is they need to surrender, to pray, and to make commitments to lead a “well-er” life together. Everyone was invited to take a white flag as a symbol of those things they were surrendering to Christ before partaking in communion.

“It was amazing to share in this together,” said Aune Carlson, youth and young adult ministry coordinator for the Evangelical Covenant Church. “To serve communion to friends I have worked alongside in ministry from as far away as Alaska, students from Michigan I have known since they wore diapers, and pastors from everywhere in between – what a privilege, a beautiful expression of the body of Christ.”

This post was written by Carol Wild, member of DeerGrove Covenant Church, in Palatine, Illinois.

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