CHIC is more than a 5-day experience, and some youth workers have taken a great initiative to encourage their students who are able to attend and participate to make the most of what is available to them. Honestly, there are a lot of out-of-the-box things going on this week and one of those things a group of students from Hillcrest Covenant Church in Prairie Village, Kansas, is involved in is known as the “CHIC Mission Track”. The CHIC Mission Track was developed for high school students who sense a potential call into missions – Lemme tell ya more about it!

While these students are at CHIC they will engage in a few specific things each day and are required to:
• Participate in daily activities.
• Take notes/journal about their experience.
• Process their experiences with their leaders at a predetermined time.
• Type and print a one page paper reflecting on their Mission Track experience that is turned in after CHIC.

Each day these students are invited to engage different aspects of CHIC. Monday’s focus was to engage with cultures other than their own by participating in the Focus group “Engage;” a self-guided cultural experience built around 8 reflective stations designed to get you to process how you relate to people who are from a different culture than you, and the Early Evening Option known as “The Taste”. On Tuesday, the students were encouraged to do something missional for someone else at CHIC for at least an hour.

Today they are going to a viewing of the movie Journey to Jamma – an award-winning film based on a true story from the vantage point of two children from Uganda. This interactive experience brings the mission field alive and highlights the importance of child sponsorship. Thursday, the final day of CHIC, these students will gather for a panel discussion with leaders discussing the call God has had on their lives and the students in attendance will be encouraged to engage in asking questions and journal as a method of processing.

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