This morning’s focus group theme was Freedom. During the “freedom experience” we heard the powerful testimony of a man who was once heavily involved in drugs and alcohol until he came to know Christ. He shared his story with us, urging us to recognize that life is messy. Some seasons in life will just be a giant mess, and sometimes we will be so deeply entrenched in sin or in pain that it’s hard to know how to get out. Some of us may even still feel defined by past sins. The truth is, sin does leave its mark on us. He compared these hurts that have not yet been healed to a scab. A scab does not look good; it’s messy, it’s ugly, and it can hurt.

As a public confession of our sin and our scabs, each of us covered the palm of one hand in paint and made our mark on a board covered in hundreds of other handprints. We all left our mess on the board and gave it up to God. We all have sin in our lives, but we don’t have to let it define us. We can wash our hands of past sins. We can heal. Our scab will eventually turn to scar — a wound that has healed, but we can still see evidence of it. It’s there as a reminder. It doesn’t define us, it reminds us how far we have come.

As the speaker encouraged, turn your mess into a message, your test into a testimony, and go from being a victim to being victorious in Christ.

This post was written by Carol Wild, member of DeerGrove Covenant Church in Palatine, Illinois.

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