The Great Lakes Conference is planning on offering a busing option to our churches from multiple locations in the conference for CHIC 2012. A rough estimate would put us around 10 buses. I have already been in contact with Brian Alnes who will help us in our contracting with the busing companies. The estimated cost per passenger should be in the $160-180 range but that depends on a few variables that we don’t have nailed down now. Thankfully, our conference has a tradition of paying the transportation cost of every adult leader who attends CHIC, and we are again seeking this support from our conference.

One of the reasons this process is slower (than I anticipated) is that we have many new churches in the conference who have no idea what CHIC is. I am spending a lot of time meeting youth leaders from other churches and sharing our vision for CHIC.  We would love to see many more than the 33 churches from our conference that attended the last CHIC.

Our transportation team:
• Justin Saxton – West Side
• Jay Baehr – East Side
• Peg Wolter – administrative support


• Block out seats early. Up to eleven months before your travel date you can “block out” seats without giving names or a deposit. Generally this will give you the best price as well as allow you to fly in and out of the Knoxville airport, which is very small.
• Many have had success soliciting donations of air miles from their congregation. This could be a great way to save money.  Be aware, though, that you may have to send small groups on several different airlines, which can get complicated.
• Get help! Ask parents or others in your congregation to call the airlines, get quotes, and put together possible itineraries.  Don’t make CHIC travel your full-time job!
• If you are going to CHIC for the first time consider partnering with someone who has been before.  Our CHIC Liaison team would be glad to help you out in any way.

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