The best mode of transportation from the West Coast is air travel. Airline Contact information for carriers flying into and out of McGhee-Tyson (Knoxville) include the following.

• Allegiant Air (702) 505-8888
• American Eagle (800) 433-7300
• Comair (800) 354-9822
• Continental Express (800) 525-0280
• Delta Airlines (800) 221-1212
• Northwest Airlines (800) 225-2525
• United Express (800) 241-6522
• US Airways Express (800) 428-4322


Prices for the past year have hovered around $320 – $650. You may be able to get tickets for under $400 for your group if you book at least 6 months in advance.


Most areas have many travel agents. In Santa Barbara, Lisa Holmlund utilizes – David de L’Arbre (davidd(at)


Flying into Nashville is an option. There is a cost that CHIC will add to your cost if you choose to use CHIC busses to get from the airport in Nashville and take the additional 3 hour trip to Knoxville  For many who have already traveled all day an additional 3 hours on the road does not have much appeal.

Coming from the West Coast we HIGHLY recommend that you fly into Knoxville on July 14 (one day early) and use that extra day in TN to go rafting or hang out on campus (getting familiarized with the campus). CHIC housing will be provided for an extra first night for a cost.


• Block out seats early. Up to eleven months before your travel date you can “block out” seats without giving names or a deposit. Generally this will give you the best price as well as allow you to fly in and out of the Knoxville airport, which is very small.
• Many have had success soliciting donations of air miles from their congregation.  This could be a great way to save money.  Be aware, though, that you may have to send small groups on several different airlines, which can get complicated.
• Get help!  Ask parents or others in your congregation to call the airlines, get quotes, and put together possible itineraries.  Don’t make CHIC travel your full-time job!
• If you are going to CHIC for the first time consider partnering with someone who has been before.  Our CHIC Liaison team would be glad to help you out in any way.

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