In this post Lisa Holmlund shares some of her favorite CHIC must-do’s. Lisa serves as the Pastor of Student Ministries at Montecito Covenant Church in Santa Barbara, CA. Lisa attended North Park Theological Seminary is is the CHIC liaison for the PSWC.

I am gearing up to attend my sixth CHIC. I am super stoked for what God is going to do in the lives of high schoolers across our denomination. I can’t wait for the conversations that are planted in student hearts due to what they experience at CHIC. I can’t wait for the HUB, and The Welcome Party, and kids eating grits for the first time or spending free time on the strip.

At this point, I am thinking that half of you are glaring at my “CHIC lingo”…and I wanted to give you as leaders a crash CHIC course of must-do’s; lingo to know about; and what I have found as some awesome parts of all of my CHIC experiences as both a student, volunteer, & youth pastor.

  • Find a way to promote why your state is the coolest state attending CHIC. Kids love seeing where others are from (West Coast is the best coast).
  • Attend the Welcome Party on July 15th after you arrive. Insiders tip: free food; free friends; free entertainment; free fun… everyone goes!
  • Allow your kids to go on the strip (Cumberland Avenue going through campus) during free time. After all, if they want to spend their own $5 on a burger, let them. Insiders tip: there is a Panera about 1/2 mile down… great for last morning or when waiting for your flight to leave. Buy a dozen bagels for the kids to share.
  • There is SO much to do on campus each day and if you want to save money, do some awesome things on campus.
  • UT water park…yep, there are fountains shooting water down by the convention center…my kids LOVE just playing down there.  We do it at least once every other day. FREE RANDOM FUN.
  • Make your kids try grits. It makes for great stories when they share on Sunday Mornings for CHIC reflections!
  • Assign one leader to buy pizzas after worship for your whole group. Saves you all time and money.
  • Get to know the other youth pastors who are staying in your dorm! It makes the connections last longer when you return home and do regional gatherings!

See you in July! You’ll find me at the Free Water Park!

What are some of your favorite “must-do’s” at CHIC?

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