In this post, Chad McDaniel shares his thoughts on how to create life-changing memories at CHIC. Chad is the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries at Bethany Covenant Church in Mt. Vernon, WA. Chad also serves as the CHIC Liaison for the North Pacific Conference.

What’s up with CHIC? What makes CHIC stick – as a memory, as a life-changing event, as something worth attending? CHIC is the space for connecting with your group and connecting your group to a larger community of believers. CHIC is a place where our students can physically see that they are not alone in following Christ – that the body of Christ is bigger than their family, their church, their town. This is the power of CHIC – connecting students to each other and to Christ in a weeklong intense, spiritual experience.

So how can YOU make CHIC memorable? Know your group and plan some things that will bring unity, make memories, and have them forever saying, “Remember that time Brandon went crowd surfing in a banana suit at CHIC?!” I know, I know, crowed surfing isn’t allowed at CHIC, but I can’t help but remember when one of my students pulled out a banana suit and headed for the front of the stage. Honestly, a banana suit? These are the things that bind groups together.

So what can you plan that will be memorable for your group? With a little forethought, a little planning, what is something specific you can pull off to connect YOUR group of students to each other, and to Christ? I remember one youth pastor taking his group to a special place after mainstage for reflection and a deeper time of prayer. He had thought this out. He had planned this for his kids, knowing what they needed to remember that moment, and deepen the experience.

CHIC is an opportunity – an opportunity you can’t afford to miss – to connect your students to one another and to Christ. Hope to see you at CHIC 2012! And I hope to hear about the incredibly creative ideas you had to make CHIC memorable!

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