This week, those gathered for CHIC2012 learned a host of new songs to express their dedication to and worship of God. Be sure to download the recordings of these live worship gatherings.

You’ll want to know how the tune goes when your students return home excited to teach you what they have learned. Good news, the rhythm/vocal charts are available in addition to the chords and lyrics.

Check out our Music Page for downloads and charts!

Our video crew was able to catch some students and staff before Thursday night’s Mainstage for some Living Reflections. Check out some of the reactions and thoughts from the crowd before Chris Tomlin performance and the message from speaker Louie Giglio. Watch the video now!
We’ve added some of the videos produced by CHIC’s production team to CovChurch.tv. Videos include Inspire, Covenant Kids, and Bruce: A Rules Robot from the Year 3000. Check them out now!
Covenant World Relief (CWR) has been the response of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) to extreme poverty, hunger, injustice, and disaster for more than 60 years. Together, CWR and Covenant World Mission partnered with national church ministries to break the cycle of poverty for children and students through formal and non-formal education in the countries of India, Colombia, Congo, and South Sudan. The funds collected at CHIC2012 will be used to support these Covenant Kids ministries.

Last night, those who gathered for the final mainstage of CHIC2012 raised over [+]

These are some of the highlights our video crew was able to capture from Wednesday, June 18, 2012, the third day of CHIC 2012! Don’t forget to tune in for our CHIC Morning Show Monday through Thursday mornings at 11/10c. Watch the video now!
Greetings from Knoxville! Another fantabulous CHIC experience has come and gone. Know that your prayers were answered and have planted seeds in the lives of 5000 students that are on the way home to carry the light of Jesus Christ into their corners of the world. The final worship experience asked the question, “who will He send?” Students were encouraged that being used by God does not depend on them but only depends on God working through them. The 2012 CHICsters demonstrated that as they allowed God to use them to collect $127,000+ for Covenant Kids ministry, the most money that a CHIC event has ever collected! [+]
Wednesday night’s CHIC communion service was a powerful experience. Throughout the week Efrem Smith has been reminding students that we are all part of one large youth group this week — this partaking of communion together served as a symbol of being part of the larger body of Christ, the global church.

The question of the night was “Do you want to be made well?” Rev. Judy Peterson, North Park University’s campus pastor, challenged students to get up and move away from the things that are making them unwell, to surrender them to Christ and start living a “well-er” life. [+]

This footage was streamed live Thursday morning, July 19, where Marti Burger and Efrem Smith joined Luke Johnson in the arena to discuss some recap of Wednesday, some things to look forward to today, and some of the ways parents and supporters can help students process their CHIC experience and transition back to life at home. Watch the video now!
Check out this video footage, live from the Dance Party at the Hub where three winners from the Welcome Party Dance Competition showed us their skills! Watch the video here!
This morning’s focus group theme was Freedom. During the “freedom experience” we heard the powerful testimony of a man who was once heavily involved in drugs and alcohol until he came to know Christ. He shared his story with us, urging us to recognize that life is messy. Some seasons in life will just be a giant mess, and sometimes we will be so deeply entrenched in sin or in pain that it’s hard to know how to get out. Some of us may even still feel defined by past sins. The truth is, sin does leave its mark on us. He compared these hurts that have not yet been healed to a scab. A scab does not look good; it’s messy, it’s ugly, and it can hurt. [+]
CHIC is more than a 5-day experience, and some youth workers have taken a great initiative to encourage their students who are able to attend and participate to make the most of what is available to them. Honestly, there are a lot of out-of-the-box things going on this week and one of those things a group of students from Hillcrest Covenant Church in Prairie Village, Kansas, is involved in is known as the “CHIC Mission Track”. The CHIC Mission Track was developed for high school students who sense a potential call into missions – Lemme tell ya more about it! [+]
Each afternoon at CHIC students can participate in excursions, events at The Hub, and a few extra options on campus. Here are Thursday’s extra Afternoon Options!

1. White sale: Men and Ladies White CHIC FIVE LANGUAGES tshirts on sale for $8!!! Last chance to get your CHIC gear. Don’t miss out!!!
2. Remember, The Hub is open from 12:30-5PM
3. The movie Journey to Jamaa, “Covenant Kids Congo” is happening at the University Center Auditorium at 3pm. This is a compelling movie you do not want to miss!
4. The cultural experience called “Engage” is happening Tuesday from 2pm-5pm in the University Center, rooms 222-225.
5. The North Park University Seminar is happening UP in the Lounge (HUB) at 3pm today.
6. If you’ve been intrigued by the Fracture basecamp & Cov Kids initiative & want to go deeper, join us at the University Center Auditorium today at 4pm. We’ll be watching the documentary Stolen Childhoods. The movie Waiting For Superman will plat at 3:30pm in University Center, room 221. Let’s collectively learn how to combat educational injustice!
7. The Skate Park Shuttle meets on the curb outside the hub. You need a helmet to participate!
8. The “Downunder” is the place to be to get your game on! Video games, bowling, pool – everything the “Downunder” should have! University Center!
9. We are doing a second showing of Expelled, a documentary that deals with evolution and intelligent design. 4:30pm in the UC Auditorium!

Have you seen the fun pictures from the Covenant World Relief display at CHIC? Students are stopping by to have fun and interact with the CWR team. Check out the photos here. Find yourself and students from your youth group and tag them! [+]
Speaker Francis Chan had the audience at the CHIC 2012 Main Stage event questioning their faith. And he did it with a biblical style of humor in which the hearers are caught off guard. Chan is a former pastor who has written the best-selling books Crazy Love, Forgotten God, and Erasing Hell. He also founded Eternity Bible College and sits on the boards of directors for Children’s Hunger Fund and World Impact. [+]
Our video crew was able to catch some students and staff before Wednesday night’s Mainstage for some Living Reflections. Check out some of the reactions and thoughts from the crowd before Gungor’s performance and the message from pastor Judy Peterson. Don’t forget to tune in for our CHIC Morning Show Monday through Thursday mornings at 11/10c. Watch the video now!

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