This week, those gathered for CHIC2012 learned a host of new songs to express their dedication to and worship of God. Be sure to download the recordings of these live worship gatherings.

You’ll want to know how the tune goes when your students return home excited to teach you what they have learned. Good news, the rhythm/vocal charts are available in addition to the chords and lyrics.

Check out our Music Page for downloads and charts!

Did you know that the North Park University Gospel Choir is here and ready to sing? Among the group of volunteers from Chicago is a large contingency of Gospel Choir singers. Along with directors Helen Hudgens and Steve Kelly, these North Parkers invite CHICsters to join them for a special rehearsal and performance on Wednesday. [+]
I’m Dominique Gilliard and I’ll being serving as the “Long Road to Justice” (LR2J) coordinator for CHIC 2012. As a team, we hope that these experiences will foster new attentiveness and knowledge concerning both the injustices that are so pervasive within the world and God’s movement toward correcting these social fractures. We are prayerful that these new insights will enliven the Word of God for students and cause them to respond to these injustices in light of Scripture – acting with compassion, mercy, and justice (CMJ) regarding the societal ills that will be addressed throughout CHIC. The LR2J team is seeking to encourage students by helping them envision themselves individually, as well as the body of Christ corporately, as essential components of societal revitalization. As a planning team, our mission has been to assist in opening the eyes of youth to the necessity for justice and its connectivity to their broader understanding of Christianity and ultimately their own spirituality. From this we hope to catalyze youth into becoming actively involved in issues of CMJ within their own context. [+]
This final Friday before CHIC we’re releasing 2 original CHIC worship tracks, “With Me” and “Colossians 3”


– CHIC Team

Happy Friday! Our newest CHIC original is now available! See you in 10 days!

Today’s Song: Peace

– CHIC Team

Great News! Every Friday we will be pre-releasing a CHIC original to help you get ready!

Today’s Song: Be Glorified (download tablature here)


– CHIC Team

We want to first thank everyone who participated in our Backstage Pass Giveaway! The partnerships you are forming in your communities is both creative and inspiring. After several days of Facebook voting, our winner is – [+]
First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. Your ideas are not only creative, but valuable to the charities and groups you have chosen to serve.  Our hope is that each and every one of you choose to move forward in your partnerships, regardless of the competition results! After reviewing each submission, we would like to announce the following CHICsters as our finalists: [+]
CHIC 2012 is just around the corner! To help you get ready, we wanted to give you and a friend a BACKSTAGE PASS at CHIC this year!  For this Backstage Pass Competition, we here at CHIC want you to answer one question: What would YOU do for a charity of your choice in return for a backstage pass to one of the main sessions at CHIC?

By answering this question, you could win both the backstage pass AND early access into the arena for your group to reserve seats. Simply choose a charity or organization and be creative with your answer! This could be anything from raising funds, to volunteering, to launching an awareness campaign for your charity. Just remember that you will have to show us how you’re partnering if you are chosen as the winner! [+]

Hey CHICsters! Check out what our CHIC Chair is listening to! Create your own playlist to get ready for our awesome 2012 CHIC performers! Who are you most excited to see? [+]

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