Covenant Kids is so grateful for the generous offering given during CHIC 2012! We are excited to see how God will use this enormous gift to provide life-changing education and loving care to thousands of children in Colombia, DR Congo, India and South Sudan. Our partner ministries in each of these countries have expressed their gratitude to all who attended CHIC 2012.

We want to invite you to follow the offering and witness first-hand what God is doing to bring hope to children. Trips are being planned to India and Colombia for Spring Break and Summer of 2013. If you are interested about these or other mission trips visit and search CHIC trips or contact covenantkids(at)

This spring, a large group of North Park students and staff committed to volunteering at CHIC, and Friday evening all the planning and preparation got 38 of us on a bus headed to Tennessee.

The overnight bus trip included movie watching, snack eating, and a little bit of sleep. A stop north of Indianapolis introduced us to our first “Mobile Chapel,” a ministry focused on bringing church to the truck driving and transport industry. At the helm of the trip was David, an excellent bus driver who made such great time on the road that the team arrived in Tennessee before we could even get into a building on campus at UT (necessitating a very early morning breakfast stop at IHOP). [+]

The Texas churches finally have a bus for CHIC. It leaves at 3pm from Houston on July 14, makes a pick up in Dallas at 8pm on July 14,  and arrives in Knoxville at Noon on July 15. The bus leaves on July 20 at 8am from Knoxville and arrives in Dallas at Midnight and Houston at 5am on July 21. Cost will be $200 per person. Limit 56 people. [+]
The best option for the SEC churches is to drive. The proposed plan at this time is to identify two to three cities (based on the location of registered churches) that would serve as central “meeting points” for the nearby churches to connect in along their way to Knoxville. One of the cites will be Atlanta. The idea is that at least part of everyone’s trip will be shared with other SEC churches to initiate a sense of familiarity with one another and potentially enhance their CHIC experience once they arrive in Knoxville. The same would be done for the travel back to their respective homes. [+]
The best mode of transportation from the West Coast is air travel. Airline Contact information for carriers flying into and out of McGhee-Tyson (Knoxville) include the following. [+]
Greetings from the Northwest Conference! Here is our plan of action for the NW Conference transportation for CHIC 2012: The NW conference transportation team has decided that we will offer conference bussing to and from CHIC as our mode of transportation for CHIC 2012. If any churches want to use a different mode of transportation other than conference bussing they will have to coordinate this on their own. [+]
Traveling from the Pacific Northwest to Knoxville Tennessee is only practical via air travel. Since arranging air travel for the entire conference would be too complicated and costly we are recommending each group attending CHIC make their own reservations.  However, our Liaison team is available to partner with you to help accomplish this goal. We have some helpful resources available, and some general tips to make the process easier. [+]
The Midwest Conference CHIC team will be offering busing to CHIC 2012. Below are the various pick up points throughout the conference for each church. Churches should contact Jim Eaton (CHIC Liason) to indicate whether or not they intend to utilize Conference busing NO LATER THAN January 10th, 2012. I don’t need exact numbers, just need to know what your church is planning to do. [+]
The Great Lakes Conference is planning on offering a busing option to our churches from multiple locations in the conference for CHIC 2012. A rough estimate would put us around 10 buses. I have already been in contact with Brian Alnes who will help us in our contracting with the busing companies. The estimated cost per passenger should be in the $160-180 range but that depends on a few variables that we don’t have nailed down now. Thankfully, our conference has a tradition of paying the transportation cost of every adult leader who attends CHIC, and we are again seeking this support from our conference. [+]
Greetings from the Central conference, our plan of action for transportation to CHIC 2012 is that the Central Conference transportation team has decided that we will offer conference bussing to and from CHIC as our mode of transportation for CHIC 2012. If churches want to use a different avenue for their transportation needs they will have the freedom to do so. [+]
I have spoken to the 4 Ontario churches and this was their preference. I encouraged them to register as their own group to attempt to connect with the other Canadian churches, but transportation with US churches makes good sense given their geography. [+]
From Anchorage everyone will fly to Chicago. From there we will travel by bus with churches from the Central Conference. For more details, refer to the transportation plan outlined below for the Central Conference. [+]

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