While at CHIC

Sunday night we gathered for the first time as a group of over 5,300 at Thompson-Boling Arena for the inaugural Mainstage session. The CHIC band led us in worship and we were warmly welcomed by Efrem Smith who invited us to come together as one big youth group for the next 5 days. The rules robot, Bruce, from the year 3000 filled us in: “no jaywalking,” “no throwing garbage out the windows,” and “no crossdormination.”  The response: no problem!

Throughout the week each of our speakers on Mainstage will be challenging us with a question.  Harvey Carey engaged us immediately, prompting all to turn to their neighbor and ask, “Hey neighbor, what — or more importantly — who are you looking for?” [+]

Hey CHICsters! Don’t miss this important announcement from Mark Olson, the Dean of Enrollment at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois…I am happy to announce that on Monday, July 16, the North Park University Football Coaching staff will be offering a Football Skills Camp on the campus of the University of Tennessee. This is the first full day of your CHIC experience, and it will be a great way to start your week. [+]
Listed below are a few reminders and suggestions for many of our Excursions at CHIC. Please take a look at this before your excursion. We hope it will help you enjoy your afternoons a bit more! If your excursion leaves prior to 12:30pm, a bag lunch will be provided for you on the bus. Check your excursion ticket for departure time, as they vary depending on your excursion. [+]
Good News, Friends! The CHIC offices received an email from UT’s onsite food service director, Carol. She told us: “For the past 3 years, we [UT] have made a special effort to have gluten free items available at all meals. One of the chefs has a wife and two sons who are gluten sensitive and he has been very progressive campus-wide in the design of the menus.” [+]
CHIC 2012 is just around the corner! We want to take this time to share with you some of our non competitive options for the afternoons. [+]
Tournaments have long been a tradition at CHIC…and this CHIC will be no different!  Whether you are ultra competitive or laid back, there will be a tournament just for you! Tournaments will take place Monday – Thursday during the afternoon free time option.  There will be tournaments for larger teams (flag football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, etc.), smaller teams (sand volleyball, basketball, etc), individuals (tennis, ping pong, chess, etc.), and co-ed. [+]
Wondering what to do with free time at CHIC?  Wander down to the HUB: The center of CHIC Life each day on campus. Feeling creative? You can paint, draw, and build. Register/Compete in a CHIC tournament such as soccer, volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. Relax at the CHIC Lounge/Retro Room, playing a board game or chatting with new friends. We have an open pool, gyms, courts, and fields. Grab a cold drink or Italian ice and hang out in the art tent.

CHIC is the place to make new friends. The HUB provides a place for students to meet others. Common activity leads to conversation, and conversation to connection and friendship. Play, create, compete, eat, relax, and find new friends from Connecticut to California and beyond.

What are you doing for your afternoon free time? Excursions has something for everyone! Sign your group up online!

Each student and leader can register for up to 3 excursions. Transportation is provided for all excursions. The afternoon excursions are a great way to see and experience the greater Knoxville area and the beauty of Tennessee! Whether you like to run around playing paintball, cool off going down Lazy River, or spend an afternoon in the Smoky Mountains hiking, excursions has something for everyone. 13 excursions are offered each afternoon during CHIC.

Sign up early as excursions will fill up quick! If spots are available, tickets will be sold during the Welcome Party.

While you’re at CHIC, if you need a break from the noise of the pool but want to be near the action, head upstairs in the aquatic center to the lounge. At the lounge you can play a quick round of golf, grab a friend for a quick game of shoots and ladders, or just catch your breath.

Grab a seat on one of the couches, a beanbag chair or a piece of carpet.  We’ll have music, movies, and video games playing.  See you there!

In this post, Chad McDaniel shares his thoughts on how to create life-changing memories at CHIC. Chad is the Associate Pastor of Student Ministries at Bethany Covenant Church in Mt. Vernon, WA. Chad also serves as the CHIC Liaison for the North Pacific Conference.

What’s up with CHIC? What makes CHIC stick – as a memory, as a life-changing event, as something worth attending? CHIC is the space for connecting with your group and connecting your group to a larger community of believers. CHIC is a place where our students can physically see that they are not alone in following Christ – that the body of Christ is bigger than their family, their church, their town. This is the power of CHIC – connecting students to each other and to Christ in a weeklong intense, spiritual experience. [+]

In this post Lisa Holmlund shares some of her favorite CHIC must-do’s. Lisa serves as the Pastor of Student Ministries at Montecito Covenant Church in Santa Barbara, CA. Lisa attended North Park Theological Seminary is is the CHIC liaison for the PSWC.

I am gearing up to attend my sixth CHIC. I am super stoked for what God is going to do in the lives of high schoolers across our denomination. I can’t wait for the conversations that are planted in student hearts due to what they experience at CHIC. I can’t wait for the HUB, and The Welcome Party, and kids eating grits for the first time or spending free time on the strip. [+]

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